Kim Seng/Flickr

You probably wouldn’t expect to find tigers or camels in Southern Florida. The area is known for its vast array of wildlife, with Everglades National Park sheltering alligators, turtles and colorful birds, but the striped cats and humped mammals aren’t common residents. Yet you’ll find both types of animals mingling alongside wolves, zebras and monkeys at the Everglades Outpost, a wildlife rescue center located on the northeast fringes of the park.

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A hidden gem along the route from bustling Miami to the peaceful Everglades, the Everglades Outpost doesn’t fall on many travelers’ radars. However, this fascinating place is a great stop for those who love animals. But don’t mistake the Outpost for a zoo. Founded in 1981, the Everglades Outpost is dedicated to housing and helping injured animals until they are ready to be re-released into the wild.

The Everglades Outpost invites you to come and visit the center’s furry, scaly and feathered residents — all of whom can be found just an hour’s drive southwest of Miami. Both you and your kids will relish the opportunity to hold a baby alligator or watch the animals during mealtime. The Everglades Outpost offers a variety of other educational activities geared towards animal- and nature-lovers of all ages, including guided tours and airboat rides.

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