The Midwest

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Great Lakes, vast prairies and friendly Midwestern charm

The spirit of the Midwest is greatly shaped by lakes and rivers, rich farmlands, bustling cities and friendly locals. Stretching from Ohio west to Nebraska and bordering Canada to the north and reaching as far south as Kansas and Missouri, these states offer a wide variety of fun and unique activities and sights.

The Midwest is marked by many important waterways, including the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi River and the Great Lakes, the largest body of fresh water in the world. It is home to rolling prairies, crops, forests and the Ozark Mountains. The Upper Midwest, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, experience colder winters and more snowfall, giving rise to sports such as ice fishing and snowshoeing. The region also has a number of well-known landmarks such as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and the Gateway Arch in Missouri.