The West

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Where the buffalo roam and the cowboys thrive

Home to rugged mountains, steep canyons, rocky buttes, vast prairies, deserts and big skies, the Mountain West is one of the USA’s most geographically diverse regions. The West reaches from Colorado up through Montana and Idaho and Nevada serving as its western border.

Known globally for its cowboy culture, abundance of untouched nature and incredible vistas and views, the West is a prime vacation destination. The states vary in climate but the summers can be hotter than blazes in the desert states of Nevada and Utah. During the winter, the peaks of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado see plenty of snowfall, making them great destinations for skiing and snowboarding. In the fall, the lush forests surrounding the Rocky Mountains turn bold shades of yellow, red and orange. The flowers and plant life that bloom in the spring create a stunning backdrop against the mammoth red rocks of Idaho and Utah.