New York

Discover the great outdoors in the Big Apple and beyond

New York is multifaceted. On the one hand, there’s New York City, with its bustling streets and buzzing atmosphere, and on the other hand, there are rolling mountains, scenic river valleys and plenty of charming small towns. And, thanks to the state’s location on the northeast coast, you can see a different side of it with each change of season.

You don’t have to leave New York City for a breath of fresh air — you can stroll around Central Park or visit the Statue of Liberty. And in the summer, take a cue from the locals and head to one of Long Island’s many beaches. Upstate, which is what New Yorkers call every place north of New York City, the Hudson Valley wows with scenic driving routes, and the Finger Lakes region invites visitors to spend their days canoeing and wine tasting. To the west, Niagara Falls shows off its power, misting visitors with spray from the cascading Niagara River, and the Adirondack Mountains draw skiers in droves come winter.