A mountainous jewel in the Pacific Northwest

Winter snow, spring wildflowers, fall foliage and summer sun keep this stunning state ever changing throughout the year. And with so many beautiful outdoors spaces just a hop, skip and a jump from Seattle, there’s nothing to keep you from enjoying it all.

Washington is located in the northwest corner of the continental United States, with British Columbia, Canada, to the north, Oregon to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to its west. All along the western edge of Washington, you’ll discover scenic shorelines like the ones lining Olympic National Park and Puget Sound. Spend a day strolling the coastline and you may spot a whale breaching. Turn your sights back east and you’ll find your view
interrupted by towering mountains. Come spring, the slopes of Mount Rainier — a prominent feature of the Seattle skyline — and the North Cascades shed their snow and ice to make way for wildflowers, making both National Parks popular places to hike.