A stunning combination of natural wonders and rustic culture

The Cowboy State, Wyoming promises Western adventure set in wide-open spaces. Don’t be surprised if you spot a brimmed hat-wearing rancher wrangling cattle as you explore the rolling valleys. But there’s much more to Wyoming than cowboy lore.

Wyoming encompasses the majority of Yellowstone National Park, the oldest National Park in the United States and home to some of the Earth’s most fascinating geological phenomena. Just south of Yellowstone lies Grand Teton National Park, where jagged granite peaks scratch the sky and elk meander along the forest trails. And sandwiched in between the parks, the small mountain city of Jackson Hole — which earned its name from the cavernous valley where it sits — provides a welcoming home base for hikers and skiers. Head east and Wyoming’s peaks give way to vast grasslands where buffalo roam and cowboys ride. You can experience the state’s Wild West roots at one of the many dude ranches scattered around towns like Cheyenne and Casper.